How you don’t know that? It’s basic!

I supose it’s always kind of annoying when new people join our work team, we are in a hurry to deliver a project to a customer and the new ones don’t know about the basic of our technologies.

It’s comprensible. But I have to point out some truths:

1. The new ones.

At some point, we all were the new ones. We pass this phase every time we change our job, at least. We have to be aware of this point (empathy and stuff). And another important thing, we passed a job interview.

We all failed at some point as well, we are humans.


2. The motivation stuff.

To learn faster we have to stay motivated. The fear to lost our job or the anger to certain negative comments could help us in a shortly period of time, until we burn out.




3. Your basics may not be my basics.

Our previous job could not have nothing to do with our actual job. Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t think it’s okay to take a new job with new technologies/tools and do nothing to learn something about it (or not paying attention). Good attitude, good behaviour, good talk, motivation, hard-working  and  you have all my respect (hard-working doesn’t mean extra hours at the office -wink-).

But, how to stay motivated with the “How you don’t know that” line?. If we use logic, and think about all the people who identify themselves as “always-learners” , when they learn many languages and new paradigms…They have to learn basics all the time (Duh).

This blog will cover many topics, even the most basic with the desire that people acquire interest in making good code and learning without any fear to fail.

The following video helped me a lot. It’s about drawing stuff; but it’s a great motivation video (just replace ‘draw’ with ‘code’ and ‘artist/ilustrator’ with ‘developer’).

Happy coding!