Basic Stuff

“You don’t know all the specific concepts that I’ve learned in all this years? So. Lame. These are basic stuff.”

(This post is kinda long, but has a lot of doodles.)

This is your knowledge. It has all the things that you need to get your computer degree and the stuff you’ve needed in order to survive in your previous jobs. Your knowledge can change in the future as well.

Except Fortran. Your brain hates it and erases it every time.

These other blobs are the stuff that other people know. We don’t all know the same stuff because we have different experiences.

Knowledge is diverse. You know, like people.


But, often we are caught in a situation like this:







The people who know-it-all, don’t exist; like the Full Stack Developer, the Rockstar Programmer or the Pink Unicorn. But if you think you know someone like those, think twice. Probably they follow this pattern:

  1. They cling to the concepts they know by heart, and they make them relevant wherever is possible in any conversation.
  2. They point out the mistakes of others. Loudly. Very loudly.
  3. Obviously, they cover their own errors.
  4. Repeat.

In my opinion, you should never stop learning new technologies, but let’s be serious, you can’t be an expert in a week while you are solving other issues of the project you are in.










You have to love programming in order to achieve more knowledge, right, but before that, you have to take care of yourself. This includes eat food (when you have to eat), sleep, disconnect from work everyday and listen less to rockstars (because bullshit) and more to yourself. The brain needs to work like a new process in the background to learn new things.

Love for programming…Well, I think love is a strong word for software. And specially when in our culture love means pain and suffer from time to time, so we don’t want any of that shit.

I think that you have to have fun when programming. Have fun solving things. I don’t mean having fun like everybody say that it is fun and it has to be fun for you too. Forget everybody and everything and search for funny stuff. Work for you at your own projects. Choose your language/framework among all the stuff and that’s it.